We have a flexible billing system based on the following:

On Retainer:

By far our most popular option, clients book a certain amount of time or a specific project each month and are guaranteed to receive priority.

If you are not sure how many hours an ongoing project or function will require, you can choose the hourly rate option.

Per Project:

Should you have a specific project that you need to complete, for example a business start-up pack (marketing documents, business plans, templates etc.) or a tender to be completed, a price will be established for the entire project, with a deposit on commencement and further payments at certain phases of the project.

Hourly rate:

A rate is agreed upon per hour worked for the specific task required.

A “VA” is not the same as a “PA” - you don’t pay for unproductive time, you get an expert without the employment contract, labour issues, leave etc.!

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